Deconstructing Love A.K.A ‘The Great Unknown,’ With Silvana Estrada

Ahead of release of her ‘Marchita’ album, Silvana Estrada talks intimacy that’s beyond skin deep, and more.

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To live and love outside of society’s definition of what love should be is a radical act in and of itself.

Some people would argue the heart is too big to contain love for just one person. In fact, humans have been practicing polyamory since we began coupling up. It’s a practice that was fairly commonplace cross-culturally before the implementation of  cis, heteronormative ideals became the norm. 

We live in a world where a sanitized, often heterosexual, narrative of an “ideal white nuclear family” dominates the imagery of what love looks like. This murks our search–heterosexual lens. That being said, that narrative is shifting with the current generation of young queer adults: Millennials and Gen-Z are re-discovering a brave new romantic world as they come into their queerness. As of 2020, 9.1% of millennials identify as LGBTQ+, with that number increasing to 15% among Gen Z

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“The day that you meet the love of your life is the day you’re fucked.”

In Colombia the church bells ring softly on Sunday morning. Another week has passed, another one is coming–Si Dios quiere

Mami makes plans to visit loved ones later that day–Si Dios quiere

All around the world, Latinxs hope and plan for the future, even if moments away, but always–Si Dios quiere

It’s a sentiment that stays with Colombian-Canadian singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez, pulling her back and forth between two worlds: an English one, a Spanish one, and a space in between both; the continuous awareness of mortality’s fragility. Each day, she’s grateful for another–knowing yesterday could have been her last. It’s equal parts morbid and optimistic. It’s an emotional awareness that helps her work through all things, even heartache.

What’s Love?

ILY and TIDAL present the collaborative series that asks various artists the question that’s on everyone’s minds: what’s love?

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