How Celibacy Deepened My Sense of Intimacy

In our world of hook up culture and dating apps, remaining celibate can be seen as “missing out.” But for this writer, it strengthened her relationship with her partner—and with herself.

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“When gaslighting, toxic masculinity, and ghosting have become regular pillars in modern dating, ASMR boyfriends feel safe, consistent, and fulfilling in an unexpected way.

“Hey gorgeous.”

“You look…so beautiful when you wake up.”

“Can I make you breakfast?”

As he whispers those sweet words into your ear, you nod eagerly at a black screened YouTube video. As we have stayed inside for most of 2020, a new type of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has taken over our aural fixation—ASMR boyfriends. Disembodied raspy male voices say all the things women (and men) wished they heard in real relationships: “How was your day? You look really cute today. I believe in you.” Basically, your perfect digital boyfriend is only clicks away. And, it’s not only ASMR boyfriends but girlfriends as well, whispering sweet nothings into our ears, no matter your sexual orientation.

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“The day that you meet the love of your life is the day you’re fucked.”

In Colombia the church bells ring softly on Sunday morning. Another week has passed, another one is coming–Si Dios quiere

Mami makes plans to visit loved ones later that day–Si Dios quiere

All around the world, Latinxs hope and plan for the future, even if moments away, but always–Si Dios quiere

It’s a sentiment that stays with Colombian-Canadian singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez, pulling her back and forth between two worlds: an English one, a Spanish one, and a space in between both; the continuous awareness of mortality’s fragility. Each day, she’s grateful for another–knowing yesterday could have been her last. It’s equal parts morbid and optimistic. It’s an emotional awareness that helps her work through all things, even heartache.

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A podcast featuring conversations between first-generation Americans and their immigrant parents about the nuances of love.


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