Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Art)

Words and art by Jacques Pierre François.

“Love is flowers in bloom. A multi-faceted garden of sorts. Full of promise and allure. A constant reassurance that life is worth enduring the obstacles. Love is also a hallucinogen. It’s so gorgeous that sometimes you’re unaware that the very thing you find irresistible may also lead you to your demise. You’re so lost trying to maintain the illusion of what you feel, you never see the angels gunning for you or the roots of those very pretty roses tightening around your limbs. Tangled in a garden that’s fully blossomed where, in due season, everything is bound to perish.”


  1. This piece is the manifestation of all that glows beautifully in the universe among man of many glorious facets in nature to produce one entity only to be cherished by one who is anointed by God……………

  2. This is a masterful expression. You were created to enlighten and brighten the lives of others. You’re doing it! Finally many great doors (opportunities) are swinging WIDE open to your great gift! I bless GOD for this and for you. Exceptional is all I can conjure.


  3. My goodness. This is POWERful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind, art and spirit with the world. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store!

  4. This is incredible, Jacques …and yes, it breaks my heart. You are a wonder. I adore you and am so proud of you!!!

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