MeLo-X & Corey Wash (Conversation)

COREY: His smoothie is, like, refreshing but very spicy.

MELO-X: The spicy is at the bottom that’s why. You gotta mix it around, boo. Alright … What have you learned from love that you’d want to teach me?

COREY: I have learned that love takes patience, and it takes time to get to know a person. Once you think you know somebody, you don’t really know them, because they show you new parts of themselves. So, I would say, I would learn to be patient and [then] teach you — You’re pretty patient with me.

MELO-X: I am, I would say.

COREY: I guess I don’t have to teach you that because you’re really patient.

MELO-X: [Laughs] Oh shit.

COREY: And to be understanding, and that’s not an excuse for any mistakes that I’ve made, but no one’s perfect. I feel like these days, a lot of relationships don’t last because a person fucks up and then that’s it, like, it’s over. Nobody’s really taking the time to understand why the problem happened, understand, or forgive the person. Patience and understanding.

MELO-X: What I would teach you is, I think may be same thing. I would say not to hold on to things.


COREY: Look at this little boy.

MELO-X: Oh, he got that ill fro.

COREY: So cute. OK. Sorry, babe. I got distracted.

MELO-X: Cute little baby. I would say not to hold on to things. Sometimes, especially as men, we tend to hold on to little things and not let them go.

COREY: And women …

MELO-X: Women, too. That’s a human thing, I guess. When you’re dealing with love with somebody you feel you might love, it might be good to let go of little petty things or things that inhibit you from moving forward with them. Usually, it’s an insecurity rather than an actual problem. I would say, not to hold on to certain little things, certain little mistakes. Let it go. New day, new shit.


MELO-X: How you describe me to other people?

COREY: Wow. I describe you as my best friend, my husband, and an amazingly talented creative. I can’t say the other part, but that’s how I describe you. My best friend, my husband, my baby, my love, the love of my life, and a talented creative individual who I’m really, really inspired by.

MELO-X: Shit. It’s basically the same [for me]. I say you’re my wife and you’re an amazing artist and lover. Yeah, same. I can’t even add any new word. I could add other words, but it’s gonna be synonyms and shit.

COREY: What were you thinking right before you kissed me for the first time?

MELO-X: I was thinking about …[Laughs] I was thinking about them titties pressed against my chest, like, Goddamn, I can’t wait.

COREY: [Laughs]

MELO-X: No. [Laughs] I was thinking, Oh shit, we about to turn up in this club right now. I was, like, Uh oh. I’m about to be kissing in front of everybody. OK.

COREY: I was thinking, Yes, it’s finally happening. Yes, it’s time.

MELO-X: How is love different for you now than when you first fell in love?

COREY: Love is different now because I feel like I know you a lot better, and it’s way stronger. The love is deeper.

MELO: For me, love is different now because before, when I thought I was in love with somebody, I think I was in love with aspects of who they were. With you, I’m in love with everything. Anything that’s seen maybe as a fault, the bad, the good … I love everything. Before you, the bad made me say “peace.” I don’t think that was really love. It was loving certain parts, but with you, it’s wholehearted.

COREY: Aw, my baby. I love you.

MELO-X: Love you too, baby.


MELO-X: Last question: how do you know when it’s love?

COREY: You go first.

MELO-X: I think you know when it’s love when you can let it go and it comes right back; That’s kind of what happened with us.

COREY: Oh, that’s so true.

MELO-X: We were dating at first, and then we just became friends. We were both off living our own lives, but we were still friends and ended right back with each other. I think that’s love. Sometimes you have to fight for love, but other times, it’s just a natural progression. You connect with somebody and no matter where they go in life, it comes back to you two being together.

COREY: I think it’s love when you think about that person at every second of the day. Then, when they leave, two seconds later you already miss them. Even when they’re about to leave, you already miss them, because you know you’re not gonna see them for a while. Love is when you’re always talking to everybody about them, and you just can’t stop thinking about them.

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