‘Love’ (Binge-Watch Review)


After the kiss, Mickey calls Gus to set up a “date.” Smitten, Mickey proposes they meet up when he’s off of work–which might be somewhere around midnight, because Witchita is on a night shoot. I’m not judging, but we know what a midnight hang means. I’m just saying maybe she got a little too excited. Also, the jittery excitement leading to lack of romanticism is mirroring my real life a little too hard.

At work, Gus is feeling great. Mickey likes him and he handed off his spec script to a writer for the show (who really does not seem to give a crap–but who cares! Date with Mickey!)

Meanwhile, at “Heart Work,” the calls are getting lame and Dr. Greg insists Mickey makes fake calls. He proceeds to bust into her on air, accusing her of selfishness and advises she be alone for a while before she hurts anyone else. Feeling guilty and nervous she tells Gus that tonight might not work after all, but to play it by ear.

She ends up going to a bar with friends and meets Andy (played gloriously by Andy Dick). It is clear he is not a good influence. They get drunk and do “sassafras,” an ecstasy type drug, and head to the Los Angeles subway. (Sigh.)

After Mickey basically cancels, Gus’ confidence is shot. He texts her updates, but because she’s underground she doesn’t receive them, and he doesn’t receive hers.  A bubbly and pretty actress, Heidi (Briga Heelan), asks Gus for advice. Bitter, he advises her to screw this show and something big or they’re going to kill you off. She improvs in a scene and it works. They give her more lines and write her into new episodes. She is very thankful towards Gus (and definitely flirty) but he says no to drinks.  He is so precious, right?

Mickey and Andy get real on the train, both revealing they’re addicts and regret their decisions. Once Mickey is above ground, she and Gus talk it out and decide a more traditional date would be best. Good call, kids. Let’s get this romance back on track.

Favorite line: Heidi’s improv: “You have no idea who we are…And I’m pregnant.”

What I ate: Toast with almond butter to calm myself down.


Warning: This episode is not magic.

Mickey and Gus go on their date. After asking Gus to kill a few trapped bugs, they have sex. This part is actually pretty hot.

They go out to dinner, and even though there are a few awkward moments, everything seems to be going well. That is, until Gus reveals they are going to the “Magic Castle,” an exclusive magicians club. Each moment is a hit or miss. Mickey is generally uninterested or rude. She doesn’t seem to try to understand at all. Her inability to follow the dress code gets them kicked out. (Her claims of sexism and stupidity aren’t entirely wrong.)

On the car ride home they argue their sides. It’s clear that her lack of respect or care has hurt Gus, but she doesn’t quite see the extent of it. The night ends with Mickey using her vibrator to finish mid coital with Gus.


Gus wakes and reminds Mickey of the title song party to take place that night at his place, to which she sleepily replies, “Sounds stupid.”

On set, Heidi asks Gus to run lines. She reveals she’s new to LA and doesn’t have many friends. Her hyper-positivity foils Mickey, and Gus invites her to the event (What ever could go wrong? She asked sarcastically). Meanwhile, Mickey frets over the date. Why hasn’t he texted her? She decides to go to the party and make it better.

When Heidi arrives at the party she is so excited, she loves all his friends and has a great voice to boot! She even orders Thai for everyone! Blah blah–calm down Heidi, we get it, you’re great.

Mickey arrives unannounced and throws a wet blanket over the whole thing. She doesn’t quite understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and points out how stupid and pointless it all is. (Dude, it’s getting real hard to root for Mickey.) Feeling awkward, Mickey texts Bertie to join and save her, which she’s more than happy to do. (I cannot stress how adorable Bertie is). However, when Mickey puts the moves on Gus and he denies her, she leaves and forgets (or doesn’t care) that she had invited Bertie. Bertie arrives, and is disappointed and hurt by Mickey’s inconsideration. She does however hang out with the group and connects with one of Gus’ friends. Side love at its finest!

It seems as though everyone has left when Heidi emerges from the back room. Damn it Heidi, with your big boobs and bouncy hair! Gus can’t resist, and they make out which then turns to sex. Mid-act Heidi screams, “This is Witch Sex.” I guess, we got ourselves a crazy person. Meanwhile, at home, Mickey stalks Gus on Facebook hard.

Favorite line: “Stay out out of Carrrr-litos way / Pacino’s on parrrr-litos way / He left the door ajarrrrr-litos way // Playing that guitarrrr-litos way.”

What I ate: The remaining liter of ginger ale, and I ordered sushi.


Mickey is going off the deep end. She finds a YouTube video of Gus toasting at someone’s wedding.

As a not-so-genuine apology to Berite for ditching her, she offers to go on a studio tour at (you guessed it) the lot where Witchita films. Stalker much?

Deep in the writer’s room of Witchita, they hit a wall with episode concepts, and Gus’ idea goes over well, thus forcing them to purchase his script. This is great news!

On the tour, Bertie (after recapping the plot of The Holiday), realizes that Mickey only brought her here to see Gus. Bertie gives up and leaves. Mickey goes to find Gus.

When she does they have a huge fight in front of the writers and crew (who frankly already kinda hate Gus). The head writer warns him that if he doesn’t get his shit together, this could either be his first week in a writers room or his last. Mickey calls him again from her car and he doesn’t answer.

Favorite line: “Ferris Bueller would never do what Mickey did. He was really loyal to his friends, the only one he ever lied to were the grown ups.” –Berite

What I ate: The aforementioned sushi.


It’s Gus’ first day in the Witchita writer’s room. All his fears are realized when he sees just how unwelcome he is. He gets a “story by” credit instead of a writer’s credit, which is a slap in the face.

Back at her apartment, Mickey loses her cat and freaks out. She receives reluctant help from Bertie, who officially wins the “most patient roommate of the year” award.

Gus is struggling in the writer’s room; they change most everything in his script and no one writes down his ideas. This leads to a full on freak out that gets him completely fired, as a writer and tutor.

When Aria finds out that Gus is fired, she’s super sad. She asks if they’ll still be friends. He tells her, very frankly, that they probably won’t be. Later on set, Aria refuses to act until Gus gets his tutoring job back. Which he does. Woah! Maybe there is some love left on the show.

Mickey goes to an addict meeting, but not for alcohol or drugs, this time for love and sex. Yep, now we’re with you, Mickey. Feeling some clarity, she returns home to find Grandpa has returned. I feel the positivity rushing back!

Heidi and Gus break up when Heidi gets a call that her character has been killed off. It was just a set crush anyway. (Again, they nailed set life).

Gus goes to the gas station where they first met for comfort food, and Mickey arrives. In one of her classic speeches, she discloses everything to him. She admits that she’s an addict of alcohol, drugs, sex, and love–all of it. She knows now that she needs to take some time for herself and figure it all out. Gus kisses her. A classic rom-com kiss!

Final thoughts:

I get it. Real life love. They nailed it.

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