Lane Moore (Interview)

Photo by Mindy Tucker.

Words by Jessica Rovniak.

“Which one is it?” This is the response, accompanied by cheers, that Lane Moore receives when showing a packed venue a Tinder profile that leads with a group photo. The comedian and entertainer stands on stage, phone in hand, ready to swipe.

Every generation has had their share of crazy dating stories, but since the inception of Tinder this crop of daters gets to deal with exponentially more crap… and from the comfort of their own homes. “Tinder Live! with Lane Moore,” with guest commentators like Jon Glaser, Scott Adsit and Stephanie March, embraces this shift in a fresh and hilarious live show that will make you seriously reevaluate your own Tinder profile.

From band leader, to comic book writer, to stand up, and a recent cameo on HBO’s GIRLS, Lane Moore is a performer through and through, putting the term “triple threat” to shame. I talked to Lane after one of her most recent NYC “Tinder Live!” shows about dating both online and IRL.

JESSICA ROVNIAK: Have you always wanted to be a performer? Were you a theater kid in high school?
LANE MOORE: 4000%. The second I started speaking I was doing accents, impressions, stand up, writing, directing my own plays, writing songs, singing, and making short films…and this is just in my single digit ages. I really came into the world like, “Oh yes, I’m going to be a comedian, writer, musician, and actor.” I always had that certainty.

You’ve done work across the board from comic books to live shows to leading a band. Do you have a favorite?
Narrowing it down to just one art form I like best has always been impossible for me to do. I can’t imagine just saying something like, “OK now I’m going to just be a musician and never write jokes again.” The easiest way I can explain it is, “I’m an artist and an entertainer so here are all of the ways I do that.”

When did you think of “Tinder Live” as a show?
About two and a half years ago, literally the first time I went on Tinder, maybe five minutes in.

What’s been one of your favorite matches from a show?
I love the guys that laugh with me. My stage persona is so nuts and random and weird and some guys will still try to sleep with her, but they also have fun talking to her because on some level they get the joke.

Your live show is “Tinder Live! with Lane Moore” and your band’s name is “It Was Romance,” love keeps making it way into your work.
Absolutely. I’m a super passionate person in all aspects of life, but especially in my relationships. In terms of dating, I’m either not that into someone or we’re in our own romantic comedy and it’s inspiring me constantly. I’m a hopeless romantic for sure, not because my life has been super sunny, but because it hasn’t.

What do you mean by that?
If your life is not particularly easy, it makes sense to look for things that are romantic. It’s a good place to turn to.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever seen?
Oh good question! I don’t know. In general, I do keep an eye out for them. I like seeing people holding hands, or laughing together, when someone kisses their partner’s head. I love seeing guys on the subway holding really beautiful flowers to bring to someone. It’s the little things.

What do you think about the dating atmosphere in 2016? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it somewhere in between?  
Like most things, it’s somewhere in between. I have friends who are getting married, moving in together, and are so happy, and then I have friends who are pretty sure this is the dating apocalypse.

Do you envy the dating scene of past generations?
I used to. Now, I miss the simplicity of dating, but I think that still happens all over the place–it’s just more rare now.

What movie portrays your ideal relationship?
I’m a big fan of Jim & Pam from The Office, seasons one through three, but my all-time is Ben and Leslie from Parks & Recreation. Hands down.

Check out details on Lane Moore’s upcoming “Tinder Live!” shows here.

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