Boyslashfriend & Rae Witte (Conversation)

Words by Rae Witte.

No different than any other evening, I stop by Boyslashfriend‘s family’s restaurant Rohm Thai to indulge in a conversation with him about love.

Throughout the last couple years of our friendship, we’ve watched one another experience butterflies and also mistake it for anxiety. We’ve come to the conclusion that often times people–including us–confuse one for the other. And even though we are both conscious of this now, we once left very different situations feeling similarly changed.

For this one of a million conversation in March, Boyslashfriend and I walk through our definitions of butterflies, the good and the bad of them learned from personal experiences, their effect on sex and relationships, and most importantly, do we want them…again. (Shout out to our friend Jason “BETTERYET” Scott who interjects after a late-night texting session with an ex, to ask if giving into butterflies calls forth what’s real.)

Listen below.

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