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  1. I loved loved this article .. My birthday is 9/18 but I feel more like a libra at times because I am towards the back end. I was also taught and brought up or maybe I taught myself how not to be a inconvience to other people and I am african american.. I was raised by very opinionated women and I have that the push and pull to be or act how they think I should act towards certain situation versus my way of thinking being more of a free-spirited person. I feel like Mark Wahlbergh in the movie ” the other guys” lol… “I am a peacock you got to let me fly “……. It is hard to be who you are when others are grilling to trying to make you not be so authentic so different , but sometimes it is better to be that needle in the haystick vs. being a clone of many…… Be free !!!! I choose me and everything that includes me , Im down for !!. You cant get to know you with others try to box you in… So I said fuckem in my own respectful way and I am finding balance … I am sure you will find your way… The question is Do you choose to LIVE or Survive …. I choose LIVE !!!

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