Saba Abraha – ‘You Are Not My Friend’ (Video Premiere)

Photo by Jabari Jacobs.

Words by Erika Ramirez.

We’ve all been there; We’re at a party, and we feel out of place. We’re with someone, but it doesn’t feel right. But, what happens when even after you leave, the feeling doesn’t? In her new music video for “You Are Not My Friend,” directed by Nico Castro and shot and edited by Li,UVE, singer-songwriter Saba Abraha details the moment when one’s gut growls for change.

“While on a night out with a friend of mine, I had a euphoric moment where I realized that not everyone you come across has your best interest at heart. Throughout the record, I’m detailing not only what’s going on around me, but speaking of that moment of self-realization. As I paraded around the city, I dwelled on where my life was heading and what the ‘meaning of it all’ really was.

‘Wonder can we go around it, have we found it?’

It was a low time for me, where I found I was no longer content with the simple things that once were my only forms of distractions. I had a haunting feeling that I would soon have to face the rut I had been conveniently suppressing for so long. Whilst on this stump, I started to mentally sort through the people–though few–wthat I had felt wronged by. I also thought of future situations that may present themselves in the form of favors or compliments, now that I have begun my musical journey.

‘To the highest bidder, you are not my friend.'” –Saba Abraha. (Photo by Jabari Jacobs.)

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  1. Writing a short, like your style. Want to hear more would like to maybe have some music for the film. Have your people call my people lol lol hit me

    Oh and music S dope u got skillz


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