Goodbye To My Friend’s Ex (Video)

Whether we like it or not, when our friends get into relationships that new variable often changes the dynamic of the friendship. Sometimes it’s drastic: they never have time for us anymore. Other times, it’s sad but understandable (sort of): you’re now the second person to hear about their good or bad day.

We’re kind of left in the middle even when they don’t realize it. We love (or hate) this new person in their life for how they affect them–and if it’s in a negative, unhealthy way, we wish they would go away forever. And when the final break up happens, they get closure, but do you?

Before the year ends, join three ILY readers–Mel, Kim, and Lisa–in saying goodbye to a friend’s ex who never deserved them. Or, like Charlotte did on Sex And The City, express why you were rooting for them.

Written and produced by Tania Peralta. Directed and edited by Jessica Rovniak. Shout out to Kelly Matousek and Kristi Stout. Shot at Egg Studios NYC in Brooklyn, New York.

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