After Jack: A Fan Fiction Account Of Rose’s Life Following ‘Titanic’

Art by Sam Liacos.


A month goes by as Rose integrates herself into the Harrington family, helping out at the café. Her anxiety comes and goes, but she feels content. Frank is warming up to her, and a part of her is warming up to him too. But as she enters the second month of her new life in the city, she can’t shake the occasional waves of nausea and dizziness. One morning, she can’t keep her stomach down while serving a customer and rushes back to the kitchen for relief. Frank follows quickly behind her. He refers her to their family doctor and offers to join her, but she insists that she go alone.

After explaining her symptoms, the doctor gives her the last answer she would’ve ever expected: “you’re pregnant.” A rush of emotions hits her all at once. She’s both happy and sad, still in disbelief that a true piece of Jack is with her. But what will she tell the Harrington’s? As far as they know, the only ones she lost were family and friends.


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