After Jack: A Fan Fiction Account Of Rose’s Life Following ‘Titanic’

Art by Sam Liacos.


Rose was met with confusion when finally breaking the news to the Harrington’s. Clara advises Rose gets some rest and limit the explanations if it’s causing her stress. Rose retreats to her room, crying on and off for days. She felt Frank judging her and it was only making matters worse. Was it jealousy? Rose knew she’d have to talk to him eventually.

As the work week was coming to a close, she finally leaves her room. She does her best to make peace with herself and find the courage to talk to Frank. He wanted answers badly. She couldn’t tell the truth, so skirted around it, explaining that it was a foolish mistake and there was no reason to discuss the father. Rose could tell he wasn’t very satisfied with the answer, but there was nothing else he could do.


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