What’s Love? – Ravyn Lenae (Interview)

Photography by Bryan Allen Lamb.

Photography by Bryan Allen Lamb.

ILY magazine and TIDAL present What’s Love?, a video series where ILY founder and Editor-in-Chief Erika Ramirez travels to your favorite artists to answer this very question.

On the third episode of What’s Love?, Ravyn Lenae invites us to Chicago’s Tonic Room –where she first met her boyfriend, Luke Titus–to share what her mother taught her about love and offer dating advice.

You can catch the full episode live on TIDAL and here on ILY:

Producer / Host: Erika Ramirez
Director: Raymar Crosby
Director of Photography: Bryan Allen Lamb
Camera Operator: Sam Kfare
Editor: Conny Chavez
Illustrator: D’ana of COVL
Animator: Parris Pierce 
Stylist (Host): Evina B.

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