What’s Love? – Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty for ILY and TIDAL's 'What's Love?' series.

On the seventh episode of What’s Love?, Rico Nasty talks love with ILY’s Erika Ramirez at Los Angeles’ Grace Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

The rapper opens up about lessons she’s learned from heartbreak, putting herself first, and what she plans on teaching her son about love.

You can catch the full episode live on TIDAL and here on ILY:

Producer / Host: Erika Ramirez
Director: Connie Chavez
Director of Photography: Lucas Gonzales
Camera Operator: Steph Osuna
Editor: James Rapelyea
Illustrator: D’ana of COVL
Animators: Parris Pierce  and James Rapelyea

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