Love In Quarantine: Marc & Maya

Art by Sam Liacos.

We’ve been faced with unforeseen circumstances in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us into social isolation and reflecting on our relationships–past, present, and future. Our new series #LoveInQuarantine focuses on how couples are loving while in lockdown and how (or if) singles are dating during these times. 

Words by Maria Mora. Illustration by Sam Liacos

When the nation went into lockdown, what was going through your mind in regards to your relationship?

Initially, we were grateful to have more time to spend together during the lockdown. With us both working full-time in the city, it can be challenging to spend quality time with the person you sleep next to at night. We were simultaneously nervous about how our wedding would be affected. We didn’t know if we should postpone, cancel, or be hopeful about the date we had already chosen. 

Congrats on getting married! You mentioned you both decided to push up the wedding date (originally in November). How do you feel about tying the knot sooner than expected?

Marc: Our wedding experience far exceeded our expectations. Maya was the most hesitant because she wanted a traditional big wedding with all her family and friends from the South. So we had decided that we would still plan for that to happen in 2021. The virtual wedding turned out so beautifully. Our pastor married us in the restored barn in Brooklyn, where we got engaged. All of our closest family got to witness it online. We even had a friend host our virtual reception that included a first dance, cake cutting, and tear-inducing toasts. It was unforgettable! 

How has quarantine affected both of you as individuals, as well as a couple?

Quarantine has confirmed for us mostly that we are each other’s best friends. We were anxious at times because we saw so many people break up or have horrible experiences, but we have no complications overall. Individually it has taken a toll. Marc is growing anxious because the NYC public schools plan is ever-evolving, although the school is so close to starting. Maya has had to cope with changing jobs, and cabin fever is winning some days. We manage to cope with daily walks, safe outings, and local ice cream shops. 

Do you think this change or growth in your relationship would’ve still occurred if the pandemic wasn’t a thing?

Yes and no. We believe in investing in therapy and working on communication to have a healthy relationship, so we probably would’ve ended up [here] eventually. The pandemic just helped us arrive at this point a lot sooner. We’ve had a lot of time to talk and get in alignment with the values that mattered to us the most. In a weird way, having that space during the pandemic changed our lives for the better. – Marc & Maya, Brooklyn

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