Love In Quarantine: Anonymous

Art by Sam Liacos.

We’ve been faced with unforeseen circumstances in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us into social isolation and reflecting on our relationships–past, present, and future. Our new series #LoveInQuarantine focuses on how couples are loving while in lockdown and how (or if) singles are dating during these times. 

Words by Maria Mora. Illustration by Sam Liacos

How was your love life, pre-quarantine? 

Not active, a few “interested parties,” but nothing that sparked enough interest to make an effort. 

When the nation went into lockdown, what was going through your mind in regards to dating?  

I took it as a much-needed sign to go within and not worry about the dating scene. Nature’s way of saying chill out, humanity needs to go inside and reflect instead of always trying to fill a void by going out. 

Tell us about how you and your boo met. 

We were friends back in [our] college days, but started talking again via IG. It started when I commented on his story that included fresh coconut water, which is my favorite. Come to find out, he moved back to my area before quarantine. We DM’d for hours each day, then FaceTimed, then planned a beach date after a few weeks and haven’t stopped since. 

How has quarantine affected your approach with this new relationship, if at all?

It helped us foster more robust communication earlier in the relationship. We took our time with long text and phone conversations for the month leading up to our meeting.

What have you learned about yourself in regards to relationships and dating during quarantine?

The universe works in mysterious ways, and when it’s your time to fall in love, it’s your time. No quarantine can stop it.  –Anonymous, FL

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