Songs for a Quarantine Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day playlist by ILY staff.

Thinking back to Valentine’s Day last year, perhaps even the cynics would have crammed some extra love and sappiness into the day before the world proceeded to shut down and make every person yearn for even the smallest of human interactions.

The annual celebration of all things love and romance has always been polarizing–some of us raid the grocery store aisles for heart-shaped chocolates and wine, while others go full-on Scrooge mode and detest the photos of couples kissing all over their Instagram feeds. However, romantic love doesn’t always have to take center stage–all types of love can be cherished on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re FaceTiming with a partner, having a Zoom movie night with friends or simply basking in some self-love this February 14, enjoy it with ILYs staff-curated Valentine’s Day Playlist. There’s a song for every type of love, so you’re guaranteed to feel feels.

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