5 Places Where You Can Cry in Public Safely: Atlanta

Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash
As part of our Maps series, we suggest the perfect public places to have a good cathartic sob.
Words by Jewel Wicker. Map by Sam Liacos.

News that will spark intense emotion rarely comes at a convenient time, especially during this time of increased isolation and collective grief. Fortunately, if you’re out and about in Atlanta when you receive news that elicits tears, you don’t need to rush home. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces throughout town that provide the perfect backdrop for crying, for either a celebratory or depressing nature. In addition to offering a level of seclusion that allows for a good cry, these places are also compliant with recommended COVID-19 safety measures. 

Whether you’re sobbing amongst nature at one of the city’s nature trails, using public transportation to simultaneously get around town and your emotions or enjoying a quiet cry in a shop that sells crystals, here are five places throughout Atlanta where your tears can flow freely without drawing uncomfortable stares. 

1.Cascade Springs Nature Preserve (2852 Cascade Rd.)

This 135-acre nature preserve features a stunning waterfall and about two miles of walking trail. It’s the perfect serene backdrop for a mostly private cry. While it’s in a neighborhood that is home to many of Atlanta’s Black politicians and celebrities, this preserve is the former site of a Civil War battle. It’s perfectly acceptable to openly wail about the continued existence of white supremacy here. 

2.On the streetcar

The Atlanta Streetcar has long been severely underused, which makes it the perfect place for a quick cry. The streetcar, which makes 12 stops between the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and Centennial Olympic Park, costs $1 for a one-way trip. For $3, you get unlimited rides for a day. 

3.Crystal Blue (1168 Euclid Ave. NE)

This Little Five Points staple is always crowded, but COVID-19 restrictions means only a few masked clients can enter the store at a time. Enjoy a quick cry while shopping for crystals, incense, jewelry and more. Then, go home and use the items you bought to create a relaxing space that aids in your healing. 

4.Starlight Drive-In Theatre (2000 Moreland Ave. SE)

Have a good sob in front of the big screen while enjoying a movie at a drive-in around town. Atlanta staple Starlight Drive-In Theatre isn’t the only drive-in contender at the moment thanks to COVID-19. Plaza Theatre and Dad’s Garage are also hosting drive-ins, mixing new films such as “American Skin” with the 1998 German thriller “Run Lola Run.”

5.Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party (1645 McLendon Ave. NE)

This Candler Park tea house is the perfect place to enjoy a warm beverage, a pastry or snack (including scones, cake, quiche and more) and a quiet cry. Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party has a few outdoor seating options and there’s also a few seats towards the back of the store, amid book shelves, that offer a small amount of privacy.

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