Here’s How Leo Season Will Impact Your Love Life

Words by Valerie Mesa. Photography by Gemma Chua-Tran / Unsplash. Design by Sam Liacos.

The synchronicities of astrology could seem a bit far fetched at times, but there really is no such thing as a coincidence. For instance, haven’t you ever wondered why some seasons feel better than others? Or why you can’t seem to quit Scorpios, even when you make it a point to try not to? Energy speaks louder than words, and the power of the cosmos is no exception. With that being said, all 12 astrological seasons have something unique to offer, and with the sun sizzling through the spirited sign of Leo, everything from your heart chakra to your overall sense of courage will be energized and revitalized during this time.

Governed by the sun—our greatest source of energy—Leo’s fire isn’t necessarily the easiest to tame, but by that same token, its “fixed” modality can keep the “fire” contained and ongoing, if you know what I mean. Keep in mind that in astrology, this element is a symbol of creation, fertility, and passion. So, the best way to put it is, Leo’s zest and fiery passion isn’t the type to fizzle out. On the contrary, the longer it burns, the more difficult it becomes to put out. It doesn’t matter whether you look at it in terms of your creative musings, personal endeavors, or romantic partnerships. Leo season is on.

Now that you’ve gotten the gist of this fixed fire sign, let’s take a closer look at what Leo season has in store for your love life and what you can expect with the current energies at play. First thing’s first, when it comes to dating and romance, you’re going to want to look at what good ol’ Mars and Venus are up to. Also known as the “lovers of the cosmos,” Mars is assertive, audacious, action-oriented, and highly passionate, and Venus expresses itself in a more charming, romantic, and sensually driven way. This, of course, depends on the zodiac sign they’re transiting through, which brings me to my next point.

Both Mars and Venus will be transiting through the meticulous sign of Virgo for the first half of Leo season, which will add a different flavor to our romantic relationships and values. Virgo is a mutable earth sign and this element has everything to do with what’s tangible and secure. Governed by fact-checking Mercury, Virgo is often known for being a minimalist, as it prefers to make the most out of the process, as opposed to solely focusing on the results. (The more productive, the better.) For Virgo, less is always more. Now, I know what you’re thinking: how does this energy play into our love life?

It’s important to keep Mars’ carnality, Venus’ sensuality, and the essence of responsible Virgo top of mind. These energies are encouraging us—both collectively and individually—to use our discernment and choose wisely. For instance, let’s say you’re dating and keeping things casual. The energy of Mars and Venus in Virgo is here to highlight the value in a reliable partner, as well as what needs to be improved in your current relationship. Thoughtful and committed, Mars-Venus in Virgo reminds us that every relationship is a work in progress, including the one you have with yourself. This is your official cue to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual well being.

On the dark side, Mars-Venus in Virgo could be somewhat of a ‘Debbie Downer’ vibe, especially when compared to the sizzling passion stemming from Leo season. In other words, you could feel incredibly attracted to someone, yet you won’t be able to unsee the fact that they’re unreliable, or that the relationship itself isn’t in your best interest. As a warning, beware of being overly critical with your lover(s) and/or potential suitors. It’s one thing to keep your standards high, and another to completely disregard someone without giving them a chance. Look at the situation from a practical standpoint, but make sure your decisions aren’t coming from a place of self-doubt.

On a brighter note, coquettish Venus will shift into her darling sign of rulership, Libra, on August 16, and this will feel like a well-deserved change of scenery in the love department. In addition to the fact that Venus thrives when transiting through Libra, the energy of this cardinal air sign is also complimentary to Leo season. Charming, harmony-seeking, and a breath of fresh air, Venus in Libra reminds us of the value in compromise, as it prefers to avoid unpleasant situations. So whether you’re in the mood to wine and dine with your partner, or perhaps indulge in a flirty schmoozing sesh, Venus in Libra’s got you covered.

If you cross your t’s and dot your i’s, your love life is in for a real treat this season.

By Valerie Mesa

Valerie is a Miami-based clairvoyant astrologer, soul coach & writer. She writes daily love horoscopes for

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