Here’s How Virgo Season Will Impact Your Love Life

Photography by Gemma Chua-Tran / Unsplash. Design by Sam Liacos.

Words by Valerie Mesa. Photography by Gemma Chua-Tran / Unsplash. Design by Sam Liacos.

Life is cyclical, and change is the only thing that’s constant. It doesn’t matter whether you look at it in terms of our human development, or are perhaps intrigued by the mysterious phases of the moon. When you consciously observe the changing of the seasons and acknowledge their spiritual significance, you’ll come to find that these shifts are also occurring within you. Truth be told, Mother Nature’s colorful patterns and eclectic moods are a symbol of the circle of life: spring is birth, summer is childhood, autumn is adulthood, and winter is old age, which ultimately leads to death. See where I’m going with this? It’s all connected.

When it comes to Virgo season, the sun shifts into this mutable earth sign toward the end of summer, but still sets the tone for fall. It’s important to also consider what we learned throughout Leo season so we can integrate it with the energy of Virgo. For instance, now that you’ve discovered how to embrace your passion and heart’s desires during Leo season, the sun in Virgo is providing you with the mindset and routine needed to craft, polish, and critique this area of life for the greater good. I know what you’re thinking: Virgos are perfectionists, and how would this play a role in my love life, exactly?

First, think about the element fire vs. earth. Fire is a symbol of passion, while earth represents what we consider stable. What happens to your relationship after all that fiery passion fizzles away? On the darkside, Virgo can be a bit fussy when it comes to the details, so steer away from overthinking and nitpicking. Fortunately, Virgo season reminds us to be practical, productive, and responsible. So if you’re seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly all at once, take it for what it is. Already coupled? This is a great time to reflect on the areas in your relationship that need improvement. We’re all a work in progress.

Although, this is where coquettish Venus comes to play as the planet of love, pleasure, and value systems. Everyone has a Venus sign, but the zodiac sign Venus is transiting through says a lot about the collective’s love language. For instance, Venus is currently transiting through her sign of rulership, Libra, where she seeks companionship, harmony, and aesthetically pleasing ambiences. It’s no wonder everyone refers to this time of year as “cuffing season.” Granted, many would automatically blame the fall’s charm and sweater weather, but nothing is coincidence. The temperature drops, the leaves change color, and everyone is suddenly ready to fall in love. It’s a whole vibe. I mean… even the Twilight movies made their debut in the fall, but I digress. 

There will be a new moon in Virgo—fueled by the planet Mercury, which happens to be transiting through the romantic sign of Libra—on Sept. 6, and an incredibly supportive one at that. This means there will be a series of aspects providing us with the strategy, clarity, and determination to make something happen, so be sure to plant your seeds of intention. For those of you who have your heart set on that special someone, the cosmos has your back. Venus thrives in Libra, and the planet of love will be in harmony with lucky Jupiter.

On another note, Venus will be at odds with shadowy Pluto—Lord of the Underworld and the planet of transformation—during the new moon in Virgo, which means the highs will be high, and the lows will be low. Intensity, passion, and feelings of infatuation are likely during this time, but by that same token, there could be some manipulative behavior and power struggles taking place. Use your discernment and don’t get carried away by the karmic essence of this September romance. Themes of lust vs. love are also bound to come up, so follow your intuition. Nevertheless, tapping into the fertility of this lunation can be beneficial. Use the energy wisely.

Before Mars—God of war and the planet of action, assertion, desires, and sex—joins Mercury in Libra on Sept. 14, Venus will conclude her blissful journey through Libra, and take a deep dive into the Underworld in Scorpio on Sept. 10. (Insert erotic saxaphone melody here.) In other words, if you think Venus in Libra is romantic…Venus in Scorpio is next-level. Put it this way: everything Venus touches—like the goddess Aphrodite—becomes an object of our desire, or better said, it turns to gold. Pluto-ruled Scorpio, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily charming let alone lighthearted. It’s quite the opposite, actually, as this fixed water sign is hypnotic, intense, and polarizing.

Venus in Scorpio is passionately devoted and commits ‘til death as long as the one she desires can submit to her seduction and extreme fixations. In Scorpio, Venus is being challenged to surrender to love, despite her undeniable intensity and possessiveness. There are skeletons in every relationship, and Venus in Scorpio wants to taste what’s hidden beneath the surface. Keep in mind, the same reflects onto our romantic partnerships, which means the more emotionally-charged the connection is, the closer the bond. Are you ready to merge with your lover’s mind, body, and soul? Dance with your shadow, and befriend your taboo-like pleasures. Someone may fall in love with your darkside.

By Valerie Mesa

Valerie is a Miami-based clairvoyant astrologer, soul coach & writer. She writes daily love horoscopes for

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