How Venus & Mercury Retrograde Winter 2022 Will Affect Your Love Life

These retrograde transits are giving us a lot to think about. Don’t be afraid to do the shadow work.

There’s definitely such a thing as “cuffing season,” and the wintertime is no exception. Perhaps it’s the combination of looking forward to a brand-new year after spending the holidays with your loved ones, and a longing to build a future with someone special by your side. As always, this is where astrology comes into play. For instance, once Capricorn season rolls around — during the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st — the collective focus shifts from contagiously hopeful and optimistic (Sagittarius season) to traditional and strictly business (Capricorn season). Similarly, the sun’s shift into Aquarius on Jan. 19 is bringing greater emphasis to themes surrounding everything from our social networks to our visions for the future. The same goes for our sense of belonging in the world, but here’s the kicker: when the clock struck 12 and we rang in the new year, Venus (love, money, romance, and pleasure) was already back spinning through Capricorn, and Mercury (communication) was in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, before officially going retrograde on Jan. 18. Celestial intermission? Sort of, let’s take a closer look at how these astrological transits might be affecting your love life.

The most important thing to remember is, when a planet is retrograde, it’s asking you to reflect, re-evaluate, and reassess the situation, depending on where the planet is located on your birth chart. Hint: check which astrological house(s) belong to Capricorn and Aquarius in your birth chart; this is where you’re being called to go inward. Also, with Mercury and Venus, the two themes we’re focusing on are how we communicate, and what we value. It’s also important to consider both of these zodiac archetypes, and what they represent. In the case of Venus retrograde in Capricorn, we’re being called to take a second look at Saturnian themes in the love department. For example, Venus in Capricorn is looking for something that could potentially flourish in the long run. Here, the planet of romance longs for someone who can be equally as hardworking as they are committed to putting in the overtime when needed. Venus retrograde, however, has been highlighting the foundation of our love language(s), money-making abilities, and values systems when it comes to our romantic commitments. This is equivalent to the goddess Aphrodite having a long overdue conversation with Father Time, specifically when it comes to matters of convenience, and contractual agreements approaching their expiration date. Sounds grim, but Venus in Capricorn means business. So whatever’s been hanging by a thread in your love life, or perhaps isn’t blooming the way you’d hoped, is now something you can’t unsee. It’s time.

As for Mercury retrograde, chances are you know the drill, but for those of you wondering, it’s notorious for that unexpected blast from the past, if you know what I mean. Did your phone vibrate? Is that an ex calling? You may or may not be open to “catching up with an old friend for just one drink,” but sometimes Mercury Rx could be something as sporadic as scrolling through social media, and deciding to double tap on a crush you started following months ago. Keep in mind, Aquarius has everything to do with friendship, community, technology, and individual freedom, so be on the lookout for that DM request. Also, in addition to backing up your data to be on the safe side, check your junk folder while you’re at it. Others of you may simply need to be more cautious before pressing send, and accidentally texting the wrong person. (It happens to the best of us.) Now, for those of you already coupled or crushing on someone new, this is an excellent opportunity to get the closure you’ve been seeking, or perhaps revisit 1:1 conversations that had been swept under the rug. Moreover, themes surrounding your individual freedom, especially those of you contemplating whether to stay single, or fully commit to someone.

Bottom line? These retrograde transits are giving us a lot to think about. Don’t be afraid to do the shadow work.

By Valerie Mesa

Valerie is a Miami-based clairvoyant astrologer, soul coach & writer. She writes daily love horoscopes for

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