A Guide To Emojis For Sexting

The eggplant emoji is not typically used for recipes, but we’ll let you know what to use that and others for.

Words by Meg Walters. Photography by Lucas Ottone.

As our phones update and more and more emojis are introduced, it is becoming easier to conduct more of our conversations online and with less words. In fact, most of us probably spend a few (dozen) hours a week communicating with everyone from our boss to our crush through some sort of app. 

For the most part, digital chatting is nothing to be scared of. After all, we’ve all got our favorite memes and emojis to keep the conversation flowing. But what happens if the conversation gets—well—a little sexual? What kind of emojis are we supposed to use then? Welcome to the world of emoji sexting.

Let’s face it—sexting can be intimidating. What if you say the wrong thing? What if the conversation goes (excuse the pun) dry? And, worst of all, what if you use the “wrong” emoji?

Well, we are here to assuage your fears. Luckily, when it comes to sexting, there really is no such thing as the “wrong” emoji. While there are a few emojis that have become synonymous with certain sexual innuendos, there’s also plenty of room to get creative and sprinkle a few less common options into your sexts. 

Ready to turn your sexts into emoji-filled works of art? This guide will help you select the perfect emoji to express every sexual thought in a sext that is both cute and surprisingly creative.

🍆 The Classic Eggplant 🍆

Let’s begin with the basics. It would be impossible to discuss sexting and emojis without giving the classic eggplant a mention. As most of us probably know, this emoji has become synonymous with the male genitalia. In fact, we recommend avoiding the eggplant emoji unless you’re specifically referring to the penis—otherwise your next recipe text might be seriously misinterpreted.

💦 The Water Droplets 💦

Another classic, the water droplets emoji is rarely used to refer to water, rain or swimming these days. Instead, this emoji refers to getting/ being wet. A great way to turn the direction of a conversation, the water droplets will quickly give your sexting partner the hint that you are turned on. 

👌 The OK Sign 👌

Unlike the eggplant or the water droplets, the OK emoji isn’t quite as ubiquitously sexual. While it can, in some scenarios, simply mean—well—”OK,” in others, it can be used alongside the pointing emoji ( 👉) to emulate the action of fingering. This is a great emoji combo to use once your sexting conversation has really gotten warmed up.

🍑 The Peach 🍑 

Something about the peach emoji just looks so sexual, doesn’t it? Was that long crevice down the middle really necessary? While this emoji might not look much like the fruit it was designed to represent, it does look an awful lot like a bum. No wonder people have been using it for years as a staple sexting emoji. 

😏 The Smirk  😏

Simple, straightforward and to-the-point, it’s pretty hard to misinterpret the smirk. Send this emoji at the beginning of a sexting interaction to get the ball rolling. Maybe you’ve noticed a double entendre in your partner’s last text and you want to draw attention to it. Or maybe, you just want to imply you’re getting in the mood.

🌚 The Full Moon 🌚

Here’s where things start to get a little more creative. If you’re looking for a very subtle emoji to get some sexting going, we direct you to the full moon. This cute, somewhat cheeky emoji implies, night-time, darkness and maybe even a little bit of naughtiness. With this emoji, you can convey the message that you are up to no good.

🍾 The Popping Champagne 🍾

Another subtle, unusual choice, the popping champagne can be used in a series of emoji sexts to indicate the final event—the climax. While the head bursting emoji ( 🤯) is perhaps a more common way to suggest an orgasm, sometimes the popping champagne can be even more evocative. After all, not all orgasms are alike—some even feel more like a pop.

🥵 The Thirsty Face 🥵

Sometimes, you just need to show your appreciation. Just receiving a top tier sext or a particularly effective nude? Can’t quite find the words to express how it made you feel. The thirsty face emoji is the perfect response—succinct yet highly evocative. 

🐪 The Camel 🐪

Unusual, yes, but complicated? Not at all. One look at this emoji and your sexting partner will instantly know what you have in mind—humping. But in a cute, tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

♋ The Cancer  ♋

Ok, technically, this emoji doesn’t mean “69,” it’s the astrology sign for Cancer. But it certainly does look like the infamous sex position. If you want to suggest some simultaneous give and take, this classy emoji is the one to use.

🔞 The 18+ 🔞

Sometimes, emojis might not be enough to convey what you really mean. If you want to get a little more verbose with your sexts, you can always switch to words. But keep it cute with the over 18’s only emoji. After all, sexting is even more fun when it feels extra illicit.

❤️‍🔥 The Flaming Heart ❤️‍🔥

Love, but make it fiery. With this emoji, you can send the message that your heart’s on fire—whether that be with love or lust is up to you. If you want to take things up a notch this passionate emoji is the perfect choice.

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