Look to These Parts of Your Birth Chart To Predict Love

Planets, houses, and transits — here’s what you need to know.

Words by Brittany Beringer. Illustration by Sam Liacos.

If you’ve ever sifted through horoscopes or received celestial messages through an astrology app, you may relate to seeking the stars for insight. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your understanding of yourself or discerning your astrological compatibility with potential mates, the elements of your birth chart can provide special insight into your motivations and tendencies — including the parts that predict love.

In astrology, every element of your birth chart denotes a specific area of life. For example, your sun, moon, and rising sign — or your “big three” — reflect your core personality, emotional responses, and expression of self, respectively. These points can help you recognize how you relate to others, which is helpful when it comes to how you respond to love. But the planet’s energy is only one way of determining areas of love. The aspect that the planets make with each other at the time of your birth matter too. Your house placements are also good points to discern love, which you’ll need your birth time and place for.

Keep reading to find out how the five parts in your birth chart that predict love impact you.

Your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars Sign

Since each planet reflects a specific part of our personality, it makes sense that you can learn a great deal about your love languages, needs, and motivations. Your sun sign, which most people recognize as their zodiac sign, helps you to understand how you’ll get along with others. For example, Aries zodiac signs are passionate, direct, and impulsive, which can tell you how they would behave in a relationship on the surface level.

Digging deeper into the depths of your emotions is your moon sign. This is where you’ll find your emotional reactions and needs, which are critical when it comes to love and relationships. If you’re a Cancer moon, for instance, you tend to be extra nurturing, especially to those close to you.

What are your love languages? What do you need from a partner to show that you’re cared about? Your Venus sign represents love and partnerships, so it’s a great place to determine anything related to love.

We all have a primitive side which your Mars sign can speak to. Your carnal impulses and physical needs — pretty much anything regarding intimacy and sex — are reflected by this sign.

How Your Birth Chart Can Predict Love
North/South Nodes

Planets aren’t the only way to discern love in your birth chart. The angles in your chart have a say, too. The north and south nodes are fated points that can show you what your life’s path is and what you’re here to give the world, respectively. As the names suggest, the north node, or Midheaven, is your public life and soul’s path. If Capricorn is in your Midheaven, you might be more concerned with work and accolades which could indicate where you rank love in your life.

On the other hand, your south node is your past life or karmic energy. This is where your life lessons are. If relationship-oriented Libra is in your south node, this could define themes relating to love and partnerships.

Your 7th House Ruler and 5th House

If you have access to your birth time and place of birth, you’re able to see your house placements. Each house represents a specific area of life. Your fifth house represents creativity, pleasure, and sex. What kind of vibe does your fifth house have? If yours is in Aquarius, you might be forward-thinking and off-kilter when it comes to what brings you pleasure, and you probably value friendship more than a romantic relationship.

Your seventh house is the house of partnerships. This is the place that shows you how you love, your love language, and your strengths and weaknesses in relationships. Let’s say you have Taurus in the seventh house. While you may be stubborn in love, it’s also a good indication that you’re loyal and romantic.

Transits To Look Out For

The zodiac signs in which each planet lies in your birth chart are only a blimp of their significance when it comes to love. The transits and aspects, which are basically the placements that the planets are making to each other, give insight into the strengths and weaknesses based on the relationship of these planets.

For example, if Jupiter, the planet of abundance, makes a conjunction with Venus in your birth chart, then you may have luck when it comes to fostering romantic relationships or are highly sought after by others. It often means that there’s a sign of love and romance in your life’s path, so it’s worth looking into how your Venus and Jupiter signs behave together.

Saturn Aspects

In the astrology world, Saturn can tell you all about karma. This includes lessons you need to learn — like patience, persistence, and discipline — with respect to love. If you have a Saturn aspect facing off together with the moon, Venus, or Mars, it could define themes of love. For example, if in your chart, Saturn squares the moon, this can indicate issues with expressing emotions. Perhaps you bottle things up and it sabotages the relationship. Conversely, Saturn sextile Venus in your birth chart is a good indication of luck when it comes to love. Nonetheless, the planet of karma is always a safe place to identify how love will show up in your life.

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