A Guide To Emojis For Sexting

As more are introduced, a few creatively used emojis can replace words or feelings in all of your conversations — even sexting.


How Juan ‘El Creativo’ Renteria Finds New Ways To Honor Tradition Through Floristry

The Los Angeles native and owner of el Creativo studio carries his Mexican roots through his personal journey with creativity. Words by Liz Benitez. Photo illustration by Sam Liacos. Photos courtesy of Juan Renteria. In Latine culture, young generations may find themselves at a crossroads of honoring tradition or paving a new road. Juan Renteria…


On ‘Home’ – Zenat Begum

Zenat Begum by Ramshah Kanwal for ILY.

Zenat Begum on loving out loud, her immigrant, Bangladeshi parents, and what “home” means to her.


Exploring Waves of Love in the Digital Age With Danny Ocean

Photos by Jackie Russo. Styled by Danilo Salazar. Chamarra: The North Face; Jogger: Diego Zuñiga; Tenis: Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder

Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean talks about new album @dannocean, love in the digital age, and the meaning behind his most famous lyric.