What’s Love? – Ravyn Lenae (Interview)

Photography by Bryan Allen Lamb.

Ravyn Lenae invites us to Chicago’s Tonic Room –where she first met her boyfriend, Luke Titus–to share what her mother taught her about love and offer dating advice.


What’s Love? – Hayley Kiyoko (Interview)

Photography by Bryan Allen Lamb for 'What's Love?'

The pop singer, songwriter, and actress talks trusting her instincts, becoming more comfortable with her sexuality, and more.


Sarah Bahbah (Interview)

Photography by Sarah Bahbah.

Get to know the softer side to the creative who’s all over our timelines.


A Guide to Heart Emojis

Photo illustration by Sam Liacos.

There are over 20 heart emojis–here’s what they mean and how to use them.


A Case For Rebound Sexts Rather Than Rebound Sex

rear view of unrecognizable redhead making nude selfie on bed in daylight.

Is a little dirty texting sufficient enough to quell post-relationship lust? Rae Witte explores an alternative to jumping into the sheets.