Feel Your Feels Workshop

A 4-session, community-building workshop where we explore the inner workings of emotional experiences—together.

Embrace your big feelings—alongside a community that gets it.

Let us embrace the entirety of who we are, with all our quirks, vulnerabilities, and complexities.

Feel Your Feels is a 4-session exploration into some of life’s biggest feelings—designed specifically for people who have “too many” of them and those who, on the other end of the spectrum, struggle to identify them.

Join us, virtually, in an intimate group setting as we deep dive into what it really means to compassionately connect with your whole self, embrace your big feelings, and invite others to support them too.

Also! Each week, we’ll have a special guest from the mental health and creative fields.

We’ll meet every Thursday in October at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST. Mark your calendars for Oct. 5, Oct. 12, Oct. 19, and Oct. 26.

The 4-session workshop costs $250 $200.

(Save $50 with code FEELYOURFEELS before Sept. 21!)

What does it mean to love your whole self?

Many of us were taught from a young age to love only select parts of ourselves, creating a divide within us. This reinforced lesson places greater value on our “selfless” parts, the ones deemed acceptable and praiseworthy by society, while dismissing our “emotional” parts, which may make others uncomfortable or challenged.

Less often are we taught to love and hone in on our confidence, our passion, and our vulnerability. Less often are we educated on the emotions behind these beautiful parts of ourselves. Less often are we encouraged to explore their influence on our day-to-day thoughts and actions.

Particularly for those of us who have always had big feelings, we have been taught that we need to be less of ourselves. But feeling all we feel is how we flourish!

Over time, as we continue to suppress our emotions, we unintentionally disconnect from our bodies and even our own voices. Who we really are becomes unrecognizable. And when you lose a sense of your true self, loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved becomes all but impossible.

But what if we challenge this narrative? What if we embrace our emotions, as big as they may be, acknowledging them as an integral part of who we are? Our emotions are not flaws to be hidden or burdens to be carried; they are the essence of our humanity. They provide depth and richness to our lives, allowing us to fully experience the highs and lows, the joy and pain that make us human.

Connecting with your whole self and every emotion that flows through you requires understanding the process. 

In this four-session workshop, we’ll build a firm foundation by learning of the inner workings of emotions, begin to reframe big waves of emotion as a mental and physical process, and explore their rippling impact they have on our interpersonal relationships. Once we recognize this process, we can then wield the power that comes with our biggest of feelings.

Ready to ride the riptide? We promise no feeling is too big here.

“Always from a place of care, Erika’s dedication to the exploration of self and love affords people an easier entry to their own feelings and subsequently themselves. Whether it’s video and audio series deep diving into relationships in underserved communities or simply through memes on ILY’s Instagram community, she creates relatable spaces for people to find greater meaning for everyone. I’ve been fortunate enough to become a long time collaborator with her because I believe so much in what she’s capable of, and it recently became even more affirming on a visit to my parents’ house where I found her mini workbook on exploring big emotions printed out on their end table alongside the book my mom is currently reading.”

Rae Witte

“Too much” is not a bad thing.

Like many of you, I grew up believing I was too much. Too sensitive… Too emotional… Too deep… Instead of being taught there aren’t any “bad” emotions, society told me if a woman expressed her emotions, they were uncalled for, invalid or “too much.” On top of that, men—especially of color—were conditioned not to voice their emotions. God forbid they “invalidate” their masculinity. 

But through my time studying, writing and interviewing countless people about love, I’ve come to a life-changing revelation: Feeling deeply and loudly is a superpower. Sensitivity is a superpower. If anyone thinks those are bad traits, they can go find less elsewhere. 

My goal is to help others grapple with and express their emotions. So in continuing my personal mission behind ILY, Feel Your Feels creates a space where people can be themselves fully and explore this journey safely, together. Because in knowing yourself better, you can finally start to break generational patterns, ask for what you need, and experience the richness of true connection.

You can learn more about me here.

“Erika possesses a remarkable talent for crafting an environment where men feel empowered to embrace vulnerability and engage in candid conversations about the intricate realities of love and masculinity. In a world where scarce avenues exist for men to seek guidance on navigating this significant subject, we often find ourselves schooled in managing our most adverse emotions – anger, hate, fear, and sadness. Yet, the art of channeling these primal instincts towards an unwavering affection for the world, others, and, crucially, ourselves remains a path less traveled. Erika has ingeniously forged a distinct methodology that extends its transformative reach across men of all backgrounds, offering a haven of growth and enrichment.”

Sean McKenzie

How does this program work?

Over four weeks, we’ll gather tools to help us better understand, navigate, and express our emotions — even if just a little — and, in turn, progressively strengthen the compassion we have for ourselves and others.

Here’s what you’ll learn and explore each week:

  • Week 1: (F)ind your emotional core.
    • Learning objectives:
      • Define key terms and phrases.
      • Review the function and importance of emotions.
      • Survey the difficulty with identifying your emotions.
      • Use language to pinpoint and process your core emotions.
  • Week 2: (E)xplore the root of your emotional beliefs.
    • Learning objectives:
      • Identify how you were taught about feelings; validation vs. neglect.
      • Analyze media portrayals of big feelings.
      • Dissect the intersections and influence of race, gender, sexuality, class and culture on our expression of feelings.
  • Week 3: (E)mbrace the wave of emotions.
    • Learning objectives:
      • Discuss “overwhelming” and “inhibitory” emotions.
      • Study an assortment of emotional processing tools.
      • Design your own emotional toolkit.
  • Week 4: (L)everage your emotions effectively.
    • Learning objectives:
      • Explore why it may be hard to express our emotions and communicate them.
      • Brainstorm healthy communication strategies.
      • Build your own deck of conversation starters to help communicate your  big feelings.

Tending to your full self starts now.

Imagine how you might flourish if you…

  • Felt safe to express your feelings, both to yourself and to others.
  • No longer held back what you truly feel.
  • Knew how to feel through overwhelming emotions (without sending a 6-paragraph text message).
  • Experienced less self-resentment and guilt around being emotional and sensitive.

“Working with Erika Ramirez was an exceptional journey that taught me much about working in an inclusive and safe environment. During my time working with her, she also guided me to view creativity and anything I produce from a thoughtful lens. Erika’s commitment and passion for exploring every corner of love and emotional well-being not only shine in her everyday life but in her work. Leading with compassion and intentional thinking made working with her a joy and made me better all around creative.”

Taylor Thibodaux


  • What if I can’t make a session? Will it be recorded?
    • Each session will be recorded, but the parts that feature open discussions will be edited out to maintain a safe space for participants to express themselves.
  • Is a payment plan option available?
    • Yes! At checkout, you’ll have the option to choose Shop Pay’s payment plan with which you can pay in installments.
  • Do I have to participate in the sessions?
    • No, we respect that not everyone wants to raise their hand or speak aloud in class.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    • If you frequently experience any of the following, you’re in the right place:
      • You find yourself overexplaining your emotions or questioning what and how much you’ve shared.
      • You wait for texts of reassurance that you didn’t “overspill” what you shared.
      • You break into crying spells or bursts of anger, and can’t pinpoint why.
      • You react impulsively to triggers and later regret it.
      • You distract yourself from difficult emotions.
      • You struggle to find the language to effectively express your feelings.
      • You avoid loved ones out of fear of judgment or an inability to articulate how you feel.
  • Is this therapy?
    • This is not therapy. Feel Your Feels is a community-building workshop where we explore the inner workings of emotional experiences—together.
  • How can I best prepare for this?
    • Come as you are. We tend to seek guidance when we’re ready to learn. If you’re reading this, you’re prepared enough.
  • Will there be any guest experts?
    • Yes! We’ll be joined by an expert in the mental health and creative realms each week.
  • Is there any one-on-one support?
    • Yes! If you’d like to delve deeper into emotional intelligence, I offer attendees free 15-minute consultations to discuss exploration beyond the workshop.
  • Why should I trust you?
    • Aside from my 10-plus years of experience reporting, interviewing and writing on love and emotional wellbeing, I am a certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach passionate about the value of inclusive and fearlessly honest, ongoing conversations around emotions. I firmly believe in the positive impact effective, emotional communication can have in our interpersonal relationships—especially the one with ourselves.