Kashmir Thompson & Kyle Hayes (Conversation)

Illustration by Sam Liacos.

Illustration by Sam Liacos. Photos by Kashmir Thompson. Months before tying the knot, artist Kashmir Thompson (@kashmirviii) and producer Kyle Hayes (@busyworksport) set aside wedding planning–and honeymoon daydreaming–to have a conversation about love. For ILY’s Conversation series, the creative couple gets very real on their fears, how they knew the other was the “one,” and…


Be A Seed (Art)

Art by Kate Schneider.

Words and art by Kate Schneider.


We Keep Going (Art)

Illustration by Alyssa Etoile.

Words and illustration by Alyssa Osasere.


Sulk (Art)

Illustration by Vivian Shih.

Words and art by Vivian Shih.


Flamenco (Art)

She will demand the respect that he owes her by crushing his imaginary heart.


Sue Tsai (Interview)

An interview with the painter and jewelry maker on the labors of love.