Will An App Save My Relationship?

Photography by Malquerida Studio.

From Lovewick to Couply, Silicon Valley is pumping out apps attempting to make couples closer. But do they actually work?


How to Babyproof Your Friendships

Even though priorities and availability are bound to change, you can become a parent and maintain your friendships.


A Guide To Emojis For Sexting

As more are introduced, a few creatively used emojis can replace words or feelings in all of your conversations — even sexting.


The Scaries: On Getting Over the Fear of Speaking Up During Sex

Photo by Leah Flores

This roundtable explores advice for the bedroom from a human sexuality expert, intimacy coach, clinician and author. Let’s learn to ask for what we want. By Laura Wheatman Hill As much as we’d like to have a psychic, unspoken connection with our partners, when it comes to sex, sometimes we have to let go of…


The Scaries: On How To Check Your Ugly

Art by Hannah Francis for ILY

How do you ensure that you don’t misplace your love or alienate that love with ugly behaviors? What can you do to love fully?


Dismissed Connections (Essay)

Illustration by Danijela Keko-Aranilla.

Words by Rae Witte. Illustration by Danijela Keko-Aranilla.