Love In Translation, Episode 5: Kaity Wong & Fanny Wong

Kaity Wong & Mrs. Fanny Wong

Through conversations with first-generation Americans and their immigrant parents, ILY’s podcast Love in Translation explores the array forms and customs of love across cultures.

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As deep and complex as our love for family is, more often than not there’s a disconnect between generations — especially among immigrant families — due to divergent perspectives on profound, evolving passions as love. From courtship to the sacredness of marriage as an institution, what constitutes as “love” has the power to bridge or break generations.

On ILY’s podcast Love In Translation, ILY founder Erika Ramirez (host) explores the array forms and customs of love across cultures through conversations with first-generation Americans and their parents.

The fifth episode of Love In Translation features creative director Kaity Wong and her mother Mrs. Fanny Wong. Mrs. Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong.

For Mrs. Wong, love means care – specifically caring for one’s family. Growing up in Hong Kong, Mrs. Wong was taught to express love through action. She learned of romantic love, when her father set her up with her now husband, Mr. Wong.

On this episode of Love in Translation, Mrs. Wong shares the influence her father, and their cultural beliefs and customs, had on her marriage, and on her actions when finding out of her husband’s infidelity.

Kaity learned of independence through the hurt her mother overcame, and through her words of advice. On Love In Translation, Kaity opens up about how her father’s infidelity influenced how she defines and experiences love.

Both women share with one another how their expression of love influenced how the other loves, including being more comfortable with saying “I love you.” (Wait until the very end for a beautiful surprise.)

Love In Translation is available for streaming on, Apple, Google, Spotify, and SoundCloud and other platforms. New episodes from season one of Love In Translation will be introduced to listeners biweekly over the course of the fall. 

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