MeLo-X & Corey Wash (Conversation)

Conversation and photos by MeLo-X and Corey Wash.

It’s deeper with MeLo-X and Corey Wash; their energy is like those between soul mates. The two multimedia visual artists met in 2011, when Melo-X performed at an art exhibit in collaboration with Gigi Bio. They’ve been inseparable since, and cheering one another along the way.

MeLo-X and Corey wandered throughout Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in November, in search for the perfect spot to have a picnic. (Something they make time for often.) Once settled among the park’s verdure, the two interviewed each other, sharing their what ifs, hopes for their future, and more. — Erika Ramirez


COREY WASH: What day dream about love would you love to make a reality?

MELO-X: I would say being with the one I love in a different country.

COREY: Damn. You stole mine.

MELO-X: Think about that. I mean, you could say it’s the same I guess.

COREY: I had a daydream one time that we were on an island and we were just kickin’ it. We had a little mini-me running around.

MELO-X: Oh shit. OK, you brought kids in it.

COREY: [Laughs]

MELO-X: What about me revitalizes you? And vice versa. I would say if I were to pick a specific point of reference I would say in your art. I like that you just draw from your mind and you don’t have to trace. Even if you trace, I wouldn’t be mad. I like how you just take conversations and then put them on paper. I think that’s cool. I wish I could do that, so that gives me drive to be better and not second guess sometimes and shit, you know? Your workflow revitalizes me.

COREY: Damn. Um. My boob hurts, babe.

MELO-X: [Laughs]

COREY: The thing that revitalizes me about you is your work ethic. You’re always doing something. You’re always working. You’re always in a meeting or on a conference call, working on a beat, writing down ideas anytime you think of something. You don’t let it slip away even if it’s like lyrics you just start recording on your phone. You have a really strong work ethic, and that inspires me to work harder.


MELO-X: What role does love play in your creativity or career?

COREY: Love plays a big part in my career because that’s the main subject of my artwork. I’m always talking about like the topic of love or the conversations about love even if it’s from a negative standpoint. I get all of my experiences from love. Love fuels my work. Anything that we go through, I’ll draw about it. Anything I love about myself or anything I love to do, I’ll do it or I’ll draw about it. Love is like my career, in a way.

MELO-X: I guess it’s the same for me. I write about things I love. I also write about things I hate. I think hate is just another form of love, in a way. I always like to write. I think some of my songs that resonate with people the most are my songs about either love in the sense of relationship or love for my family (my mom, my sister). I think love is definitely present in my music.

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