On ‘Home’ – Zenat Begum

Zenat Begum by Ramshah Kanwal for ILY.

Zenat Begum on loving out loud, her immigrant, Bangladeshi parents, and what “home” means to her.


Exploring Waves of Love in the Digital Age With Danny Ocean

Photos by Jackie Russo. Styled by Danilo Salazar. Chamarra: The North Face; Jogger: Diego Zuñiga; Tenis: Nike Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder

Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean talks about new album @dannocean, love in the digital age, and the meaning behind his most famous lyric.


The Scaries: On Getting Over the Fear of Speaking Up During Sex

Photo by Leah Flores

This roundtable explores advice for the bedroom from a human sexuality expert, intimacy coach, clinician and author. Let’s learn to ask for what we want. By Laura Wheatman Hill As much as we’d like to have a psychic, unspoken connection with our partners, when it comes to sex, sometimes we have to let go of…


The Scaries: On the Fear of Being The Toxic One

Illustration by Praew Jutatip

We all have the capacity to be toxic in love and friendship. The sooner we all accept that we have likely been the toxic one at one point or another, the sooner we can love—ourselves and others—best.


The Scaries: On the Fear of Navigating Internal Boundaries

Illustration by Nadia Snopek

It’s normal that many of us fear the deep self-exploration required to establish clear boundaries in our partnerships, but it’s also of the utmost importance. Words by Maura McNamara. Illustrations by Nadia Snopek. “Let there be spaces in your togetherness,” writes Khalil Gibran in The Prophet. “Let the winds of heaven dance around you. Love…


The Scaries: On the Fear of Letting Go

‘Sunk cost’ love describes repeatedly investing in a dead-end relationship. In this piece, we explore the fear of letting go & come to terms with why it’s ok to do so.